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Saturday, December 30, 2006

say cheese...


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so much fun was had at the 2006 Cambridge Christmas... especially at the piano
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even Rafi... although not for very long...
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a fine feast was had by all
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"this is our house..."
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"woh... that's very big..."
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"... and I like a Rafi sandwich"
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"i like a Freya sandwich"..
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Monday, December 11, 2006


"there's Thomas!" Posted by Picasa


"it's not raining really.." Posted by Picasa


"never leave home without your brolley.." Posted by Picasa


"as they say in London..." Posted by Picasa


a real live see-saw... "very squeaky" Posted by Picasa


...say cheese... Posted by Picasa


say cheese.... Posted by Picasa


"more high, more high" Posted by Picasa


power swinging from Grandpa Sam Posted by Picasa


nothing like feeding the ducks! Posted by Picasa


ahh, the intrepid explorers.. Posted by Picasa


but a good stream to investigate Posted by Picasa


ahh, the great outdoors... "no bears and no fireworks" Posted by Picasa


what have we done?! they are now far too used to the finer things in life! Posted by Picasa


and still it continues... Posted by Picasa


yup.. lots of fun! Posted by Picasa


amazing how much fun it can be! Posted by Picasa