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Sunday, June 19, 2005

and even negotiated the death-defying traverse Posted by Hello

and Rafi had great fun on the slide Posted by Hello

Over at the playground, some old places were re-visited Posted by Hello

Rafi decided that Gehrey was pretty cool after all Posted by Hello

while Freya checked out the world through Daddy's shades Posted by Hello

with Rafi as always scrambling over anything she could find Posted by Hello

next day we were off for a stroll in Milenium Park Posted by Hello

and we even mastered the special slide for golf balls Posted by Hello

we all got pretty good at sticking letters on the wall Posted by Hello

Mummy always provides the best chair Posted by Hello

perpetual motion was stopped for a brief moment Posted by Hello

and the nice lady singing songs was very entertaining Posted by Hello

getting much better at fishing for shrimp Posted by Hello

then, with fantastic weather, we had an action packed weekend- first a trip to Navy Pier and the Children's Museum Posted by Hello

of course, sometimes Mummy's clothes are far more fun than actually helping to tidy Posted by Hello

then we had to help Mum prepare for Grandma and Grandpa's visit... Posted by Hello

busy week this week... first we had a visit from Owen and Henry...and carnage was the obvious result! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

generally happy as can be, spalshing around Posted by Hello

even getting as far as the water drenched wall Posted by Hello

meanwhile, Rafi was off to where the excitement was Posted by Hello

but the ripples were fun Posted by Hello

or maybe it was tactical awareness, desparately trying to avoid the boistrous big kids and their splashing Posted by Hello

and evem showed signs of enthusiam! Posted by Hello

but she did get around... Posted by Hello

Freya found her water legs in the end... although she never really lost her 'suspicous' look Posted by Hello