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Sunday, September 25, 2005

but oh so proud... Posted by Picasa

just when you thought they couldn't get any wetter... Posted by Picasa

we were going to win the wet t-shift contest hands down... Posted by Picasa

flowers are best after being washed thoroughly we discovered Posted by Picasa

although they did end up a little damp... Posted by Picasa

and then of course there were the fountains.... safe to say the girls had the most fun out of everyone at the picnic... Posted by Picasa

although the puddle got smaller and smaller for some reason... Posted by Picasa

we also went out to a big picinc with lots of other families at the botanic gardens... although the best fun was had afterwards in the puddles... Posted by Picasa

the camera is much more interestign when Daddy is reading Posted by Picasa

although reading with mummy is always the best.. Posted by Picasa

we've also had some very friendly visitors around for tea... Posted by Picasa

yup, a certain two little people's hair Posted by Picasa

since we returned from Cape Cod, it's been pretty quiet... although we have experimented a little with certain people's uruley hair... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 11, 2005

better view... Posted by Picasa

watching the sunset Posted by Picasa

thirsty work Posted by Picasa

to eat it now or save it for later... Posted by Picasa

mmm cookies v2 Posted by Picasa

not to sure about this pier thing Posted by Picasa

provincetown pier Posted by Picasa

is the food ever going to come? Posted by Picasa

mmm cookies Posted by Picasa

takes effort to look this cool Posted by Picasa

travelling in style Posted by Picasa

road trip cape cod style Posted by Picasa