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Sunday, December 11, 2005

nothing like relaxing on the coach after playing in the snow Posted by Picasa

can anyone say 'rosy cheeks'? Posted by Picasa

and eve harder to hold a straw with your coat on as well Posted by Picasa

although it's a little tough to hold the straw with gloves on Posted by Picasa

and the screen straws survived the whole time...good for eating snow with Posted by Picasa

gloves certainly made life a little warmer Posted by Picasa

breaking in the boots is tough work Posted by Picasa

it's snowing... Posted by Picasa

wwwooowww... as rafi would say Posted by Picasa

lots of fun on the balcony Posted by Picasa

then there was the snow Posted by Picasa

revenge is sweet Posted by Picasa

so Rafi can get even more comfy... Posted by Picasa

though now she seems more resigned to her fate... Posted by Picasa

Rafi seems pretty comfy, but I'm not so sure Freya is quite as content with the situation Posted by Picasa

Rafi meanwhile is very proud of her new blue snow boots... Posted by Picasa

doesn't seem to matter though... Posted by Picasa

Freya loves Daddy's hat... although it might be just a little too big Posted by Picasa

when you are watching Elmo, it's very important to have your bag packed ready for any sort of expedition... Posted by Picasa

been a while.. sorry about that..
however, all go in the household with Rafi in particlular loving her 'Suzy Made' dress Posted by Picasa