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Monday, May 30, 2005

Rafi, of course, is happy to try it out too Posted by Hello

of course Freya prefers her rest in Daddy's chair Posted by Hello

although even tired babies can still tell you how big they are! Posted by Hello

a long day in the sun, playing in the playground deserves a well-earned rest in a comfy chair Posted by Hello

without the car, the big ball proved ever more fun... especially in the hallway Posted by Hello

although Rafi treated hers with rather more disdain... Posted by Hello

some special todler spoons resulted in some actual spoon to mouth progress... Posted by Hello

which Rafi took to like the proverbial duck to water... Posted by Hello

another new aquisition resulted in a scaled-down version of elephant polo... Posted by Hello

although in true 'wrecking crew' style, the actual building of towers is still a pretty strange concept Posted by Hello

we had a pretty quiet weekend this weekend... and whenever we were having fun, we never seemed to have the camera.... however, the new lego set seemed to go down well Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

although Freya found all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore as well Posted by Hello

a new game involved loading wood chips into the sandpit... hours of endless fun Posted by Hello

"need anything demolished, guv?" Posted by Hello

and was very proud of the accomplishment! Posted by Hello

not to be outdone, Rafi proved the expert waver.. Posted by Hello

and making the most of her time with Grandma Posted by Hello

meanwhile, Freya was happy checking the world out from on high Posted by Hello

but it didn't take long before Rafi was off again... Posted by Hello

nothing like four generations in one photo! Posted by Hello

with lots of other kids to watch... Posted by Hello

another day, another playground... Posted by Hello

although Rafi proved to be the master! Posted by Hello

back in the yard, and Freya found the basketball Posted by Hello

although once in a while we get lucky with an actual still shot of Rafi front on..! Posted by Hello