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Sunday, August 21, 2005

ready to take the plunge... Posted by Picasa

so refreshing... Posted by Picasa

likewise... Posted by Picasa

must make sure you wash your hands Posted by Picasa

of course if you really want to cool off, what you need is a waterfall... Posted by Picasa

though sometimes its fun just to get wet! Posted by Picasa

exit stage right... Posted by Picasa

and they was the fountains started up unexpectedly was pretty exciting Posted by Picasa

but they soon cooled their feet down... Posted by Picasa

pretty warm in chicago this weekend, so off to the nice new playground with the fun 'water features'.... both girls informed us the the ground was 'hot' Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

although soon enough Rafi was keen to get back on the road... Posted by Picasa

and the sears tower looks on Posted by Picasa

although it required a lot of conecentration to get the digging just right Posted by Picasa

to the fun of everyone involved Posted by Picasa

and copious digging followed... Posted by Picasa

and then there was the beach... Posted by Picasa

'what's the password?' Posted by Picasa

'now, how do we get on the slide from here exactly?' Posted by Picasa

although Rafi was far more interested in the instant gratification of getting on the slide half way up... Posted by Picasa

Daddy managed to corral both girls up the steps to the slide... Posted by Picasa

Freya, meanwhile, provided a masterclass in stair climbing and descending Posted by Picasa

thrill seaker Rafi didn't need much persuading to go down the slide Posted by Picasa

while Freya showed Daddy the ropes on playground... Posted by Picasa

we did get out to yet another playground between the showers, where Rafi again showed off her abilty to pretty much climb anything... Posted by Picasa

and when you are a little under the weather there's nothing better than pillows, bears, and some noggin channel... Posted by Picasa