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Sunday, November 20, 2005

finally a little pre-flight practise with the dvd players in preparation for the upcoming trip... fingers crossed... Posted by Picasa

Rafi also then broke the local record in stacking bowls... Posted by Picasa

as well as a very comfy chair Posted by Picasa

back home, Uncle Julius proved a very exciting climbing frame... Posted by Picasa

as well as break the land speed record on a stationary blue horse Posted by Picasa

meanwhile Rafi found time to play with some very little chairs... Posted by Picasa

although it seems a fireman's hat trumps a colander... Posted by Picasa

there were complex hat wearing rules associated with the use of the shopping cart Posted by Picasa

meanwhile Freya was all about test driving the various cars on offer... Posted by Picasa

although the future train driver was pretty eloquent in explaining gravity to uncle julius... Posted by Picasa

although sometimes the trains became run-aways which was a little concerning Posted by Picasa

an excellent weekend with Uncle Julius...
First we had great fun at an indoor play-room where Rafi discovered her first career aspiration... a train driver Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005

scarf, hat..... musn't forget socks.... the style is all the rage with the young kids I gather Posted by Picasa

there she is! Posted by Picasa

where's Rafi? Posted by Picasa

again, a slightly different interpretation Posted by Picasa

or a different look... Posted by Picasa

madame zelda... Posted by Picasa

then we had some fun with the odd scarf or 12 Posted by Picasa

slightly different look... Posted by Picasa

oiu, oiu... c'est la vie Posted by Picasa

dress up weekend... first fun with hats Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

hours of endless fun... Posted by Picasa

then there was the 'boat' Posted by Picasa

not the best picture, but a hug on film finally! Posted by Picasa