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Saturday, April 23, 2005

the pesky pawns kept getting in the way... Posted by Hello

chess looked interesting, but it's tough to stay focused when the pieces are almost as big as you are... Posted by Hello

Freya, of course, found a way to make it look cool Posted by Hello

even if Raf was a little less keen on the hard hat... Posted by Hello

we all so found the construction site pretty good fun Posted by Hello

including the capture of some pretty big fish! Posted by Hello

this proved to be a lot of fun! Posted by Hello

So much for Spring- it snowed today so we had to wrap up nice and warm and spend time indoors... we ended up going to the Chicago Children's museum, which proved great fun. The girls were showing off their new found walking skills again... they found this boat in one of the play areas and did some advanced clamboring... Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

at the end of the day it's good to wind down with Eyore and a good pair of mummy's socks Posted by Hello

and then the deadly duo works in tandem to explore the whole playground Posted by Hello

or play with our good friend zoe (although "she did it") Posted by Hello

but sometimes it's nice to just sit and watch the world go by Posted by Hello

and everyone had fun on the bike and sidecar... Posted by Hello

while Freya was a big fan of the bouncing motorbike.... Posted by Hello

then we went to the playground where the girls showed off their new sandles and new found walking skills.... Rafi cruised around checking out the big kids Posted by Hello

and Freya was a big fan of the scrambled eggs... Posted by Hello

What a day we had today.... lot's of firsts all around. We all went out for our first proper meal together as a family... Rafi rather liked the big girl water cups Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

the caped crusaders ready for an excursion into the big wide world Posted by Hello

walking is tricky when your trousers a little too long... Posted by Hello

although it's a little more fun with our own one... Posted by Hello

we'll, we still just about fit in one swing.. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

practicing for the Eurovision Song Contest... Posted by Hello

Rafi in her famed Kamikaze hat and Freya gnawing for England... the deadly duo in action Posted by Hello